Haibun: Elf Owl


So tiny, no bigger than a sparrow, the elf owl flees other owls who would eat it in one bite.  It’s big round eyes remind me of Harry Potter glasses.  I’d like to see one one day but not in my backyard.  My cat doesn’t understand why I prefer she sticks with catfood and not dine on local birds.

elf owl flying nights
wee bird hiding in cactus
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Ronovan Weekly / Haibun Monday : Lake & Calm / Water


calm lake’s loveliness
volcano rumbles on top
aww, shit! car won’t start

senryu and photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Ages ago, Rie and I drove up to Mt. Aso in a little white car. I had just learned to Continue reading Ronovan Weekly / Haibun Monday : Lake & Calm / Water