Senryu : arcade memories


arcade memories
Pacman, Mario Brothers
walking hand in hand

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere


Remember the arcade? Quarters jingling in your pocket?  Okay, maybe it was crumpled dollars, lol.

I’m feeling nostalgic because I walked through New Brighton in Second Life today and it had an arcade with a Pacman, not to mention a carousel outside.  I used to love that game! In Arizona, we don’t have a pier so when I was a teen, our arcades were at the mall.  I remember the walls were black, a perfect foil for the bright machines. Good thing I drive better in real life than I did in there — I used to hit every obstacle on the screen just about and go careening of the road on the curves, lol.

If you have the time, write a quick ode, limerick, haiku, essay, whatever to your favorite game and do a pingback or drop a link in the comments. It’ll be a fun read.

Arcade (music from the Man of Steel movie) played on the piano by Akmigone


Senryu : mirror



mirror in their eyes
reflecting only distortions
like so many lies
the vision that they see
must be of someone else,
not me

by M. Nakazato LaFreniere
poem and image done when I was in my twenties

mirrors break, oh well
don’t care what they think they see
I am what I am

by M. Nakazato LaFreniere
written now

Back in my twenties, I used to worry about how people saw me especially since a lot of times it was different than I saw myself.  Some people saw me and some people only saw what they wanted me to be or sometimes they saw what I wanted me to be but wasn’t yet. After awhile I realized it didn’t really matter.

I don’t care how others see me. How people see you has a lot more to do with their own needs and hangups than anything you do most of the time anyways.  Some people are clear-sighted but they are a minority.

I don’t need to see myself or define myself. It’s simpler than that.  I just am.



Poetics – Through the looking glass
dVerse ~ Poets Pub

The photo is  a print I did in a photo class back then with 3 negatives that I exposed separately.

  • Photo 1: me leaning against the mirror
  • Photo 2: a rose
  • Photo 3: the poem

I exposed them one at a time in the enlarger.  There is a white thumb  because like an idiot I was resting my hand against the paper carrier when I put in the mirror picture — duh! laughing.  And you didn’t know if you had the exposures right until after you developed the picture so there were a few throwaways. Things are much easier now in Photoshop

Senryu : old


backstamp, overstamp
two American companies
pretty lil creamer

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Another thrift store find.  This time a vintage creamer.  The backstamp is interesting to me as it shows two companies.  The top one is Cunningham & Pickett, Inc. of Alliance, Ohio

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senryu : almost midnight


Darn! almost midnight!
gotta hammer out a poem
one a day is nuts

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Somedays I don’t know why I decided on one a day but I’m sticking to it so far, trying to get to that one year mark.  I may not get the picture up, nor the essay/fiction but the poem always makes that midnight deadline.

It’s funny how you start something –writing a haiku/senryu and then you’re doing it everyday.  Suddenly you get this idea, “I’m doing this everyday so I have to do it everyday, no empty spots on the calendar.”  And the days when your mind draws a blank or you don’t get that article written in time because you had other things on your plate, you wonder, “why did I start this?” “what am I trying to prove?”  And you know, what?  I don’t have an answer.  It just happened is all.

How about you?  Why are you writing most days?

Haiku : Carousel


whirling carousel
gold circle floats out of reach
starry summer nights

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Victoria C. Slotto challenges us to use symbolism in our poem. I chose the carousel/merry-go-round.  Rather than telling you what the poem means, I figure I’d let you guess what the carousel means.  Partly too because I think the same thing can symbolize different things to different people at different times and I am okay with the shifting meanings of poetry.

I Once Used an Earthquake–dVerse MTB: Symbolism
dVerse ~ Poets Pub

photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere
1996 Picture: A gorgeous antique carousel graces the grounds of Tilden Park with hand-carved fantastic creatures. Built in 1911, bought in 1978, the merry-go-round is one of 200 hand-carved wooden carousels in the United States.


Circles of Delight: Classic Carousels of SF Art of the Carousel Carving Miniature Carousel Animals Carousel CD: Shirley Jones

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Daily Haiku / Senryu : Lurch


“How little do they see what is, who frame their hasty judgments upon that which seems.”  ― quote by Robert Southey

quelled by his grimace
fearful strangers never glimpse
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Daily Haiku / Senryu : Jiffy


fries in a jiffy
oh no, folding, tilting down
I hate when things wilt

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere





Daily Prompts
The Daily Post

Tuesday Platform
imaginary garden with real toads

Notes on the image: Photograph changed in Photoshop.  Original photograph by Greyson and Jess G. in their review of Reviviva restaurant, Aberdeen on 9/12/2015 Original photograph copyright belongs to Greyson and Jess. G.