Senryu : heiroglyphic hineys


tattoo where? here?
hmmm, heiroglyphic hineys
hooey! hurts like hell

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

hmmm, my warped sense of humor.  I almost photoshopped a picture.  Who could resist heiroglyphic hineys?  But I was good, as you see.  I let your imagination do all the work! he he he.


heiroglyphic hineys
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12 thoughts on “Senryu : heiroglyphic hineys”

  1. My Italian Grama had another word too… but I remember hiney as well.
    hiney = the bottom but low-nee… well the knee.

    um… only freckles or old age spots for me they are enough of a mystery.
    No tats. 😉


    1. yeah, me too — no tats — hiney or anywhere. I hear about the high but me and pain have been avoiding each for a long time — don’t plan on becoming friends any time soon.


      1. ….I don’t have any piercings either. Interestingly enough Men who wore/wear earrings have a strong background tradition. Pirates or slaves would wear an earring in one ear to tell all they were ‘owned’ but I forget which ear. Having earrings in both ears meant they were now free from servitude…something like that. You might have to research that to get the facts straight. 🙂


        1. I did not know that about slaves or pirates. I did read somewhere that sailors long time ago wore gold earrings so that if they died abroad or something, there would be money for a burial. That surprised me because I thought they were just buried at sea so wouldn’t need burial expenses.


          1. I could have gotten some facts mixed. But pirates are on the high seas. There were actually professional sanctioned pirates at one time.
            That is odd about the sailors and land burial. But I guess it depends on one’s faith?


            1. I could have too. I really can’t imagine them keeping dead bodies aboard back when it took months and months for a sea voyage. If I was a sailor, I’d rather be buried at sea then dropped off for a quick funeral at the first port the ship came to. Maybe they gave the gold earrings to the family back home so they could erect a stone in the family cemetery even if they didn’t have a body because they were buried at sea?


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