Senryu : a flower by any other smell is still a flower


don’t know dead body’s smell
smells like manure aroma
ten year’s first blossom

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I stood in line for more than an hour to enter the butterfly room which housed the corpse flower.

The smell wasn’t that bad.  I’ve smelt worse driving on the highway passed farmlands graced with fresh manure.  In fact it smelled like manure to me — maybe a few days old, not quite fresh, so the edge was off.  The smell attracts insects and flies to carry the pollen from plant to plant and to drop it low enough into the female flower parts.

I was trying to take a photo of the inside because they said the female flower parts were down there in the center.  I wasn’t tall enough plus I couldn’t get near enough.  I asked a tall guy but he pretty much got the same pics I did. They had yellow tape around the flower — I’m not sure if it was not to block the live feed or to keep the flower by being traumatized by too many visitors too close. Probably the live feed as the yellow tape didn’t go all the way around.  I didn’t realize until I moved to the other side that there was no yellow tape there.

I’ll resize all my photos and throw them up tomorrow (Tuesday) on Cactus Catz in case anyone is interested.  It’ll flower for about 24-48 hours and then it won’t bloom again for another somewhere between two to ten years, depends on the flower.

The live feed at Tucson Botanical Garden is still going on.

Senryu : corpse flower


corpse flower, please bloom
we all are watching. Don’t be shy!
live feed streamed worldwide

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Live video feed of the corpse at the Tucson Botanical Garden. It only blooms after 10 years and for about 24-36 hours. If you go to the you-tube feed, people are commenting live while they wait. It is going to bloom any minute — hence the live feed. It’s real name is Amorphophallus Titanum. I’d tell you what that means but we’re PG, lol. (I knew that would make you run to your latin dictionary!)

The Garden hope to pollinate it within the short blooming window.  Every once in a while you’ll see staff walk into view or other people when the garden is open.  The staff released more butterflies just a little bit ago. For a bit the black butterfly was fluttering a lot but he seems to be taking a nap now.

On the day the flower  blooms, the Tucson Botanical Gardens will be open until 10pm.

People are commenting live on the you-tube live stream.  Sometimes it looks like it’s not live but if you look at the vine to the left, it sways gently.  Sometimes the butterflies land on the camera so may block the view for a second or two.  Occasionally the live feed is interrupted by Cox commercials but what can you do.  Hope Cox is paying the Gardens and not just you-tube)

(note: I did post this video and the first paragraph text on one of my other blogs so for any crossfollowers, sorry.  And yeah, I’m also going to go post this on CactusCatz.  I just think the flower is so cool.  Hope it blooms soon.)


Haibun: Rattlesnake Bridge


Whale swallowed Jonah
We walk through a viper’s mouth
Tucson’s Rattlesnake Bridge

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I took some more pics of the bridge if you’d like to see them at Arizona Mary Photos.

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Haibun: Elf Owl


So tiny, no bigger than a sparrow, the elf owl flees other owls who would eat it in one bite.  It’s big round eyes remind me of Harry Potter glasses.  I’d like to see one one day but not in my backyard.  My cat doesn’t understand why I prefer she sticks with catfood and not dine on local birds.

elf owl flying nights
wee bird hiding in cactus
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