Senryu : pickle


words are funny things
never had a fried pickle
been in pickles though

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

©M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved for poetry and images.


Curious Steph
Ragtag Community

The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“.  Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person.  Today’s is “pickle” by Reflections of an Untidy Mind.  If you want post writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there.  Hope to see you there!

14 thoughts on “Senryu : pickle”

  1. I love fried pickles! There is a local place called Green Frog, they have a tasty salad called Frickin Chickin that has fried pickles on top!


      1. ardputer used to live in Arizona but no longer. I’m betting the Green Frog is out east of the Mississippi somewhere. You know though, Southern food is pretty popular. I wonder if we have a Southern-food restaurant in Tucson.


  2. Fried pickles can be lackluster or awesome depending on the breading used. Definitely needs a dipping sauce.


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