Ragtag Daily Prompt : RDP #2 – Insight


Welcome to the Ragtag Daily Prompt!

Today’s prompt is insight.

Create a new post inspired by today’s word.  Have fun!

Please tag your post “Ragtag Daily Prompt” and “RDP”, so it will come up in searches for those who are interested. Also pingbacks to the day’s prompt post will make it easy for people to visit each other.  I have also added a Mister Linkys for those who choose to paste their url.

BTW, I moderate everything so pingbacks and comments may take a while to show up.  I am getting ready to go out of town on Sunday but I’ll try to check in every so often to approve pingbacks and comments even if I don’t have time to reply to comments until Monday or Tuesday.  I hope you all will bear with me.

(note: as of 6/7/18, all prompts are now hosted on Ragtag Community, not individual blogs.  See you there!)

Information about RDP in this post here.

CuriousSteph has created an RDP page, and it will list each days prompt, so if you’re wanting to catch up, you can go there.

The responsibility of the week’s ragtag daily prompts are shared by:

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku
Sunday: Patty, Lovenlosses
Monday:  Sgeoil
Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade
Wednesday: Curious Cat
Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind
Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Ragtag header image courtesy of Curious Steph

You can also paste your url below for your post inspired by today’s prompt : insight. Crossing fingers, it’s Mister Linkys and should also create thumbnail of your post. First time I’ve tried this version though.

(Just tried Mister Linkys out. The thumbnail is a little small and the text is a little large but I can’t change it. Adding my url took it a couple of times to get it to work for me. I had to click to accept the Linkys privacy and click to read it. When I’ve used the Linkys before, I only had to click to accept but didn’t have to read. Maybe it’s required because of the thumbnail. I’d like to find something that automatically creates a thumbnail image as big as the Daily Post did and show’s the post title. Titles especially would help me to choose which ones to read.)


44 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt : RDP #2 – Insight”

  1. Yay! It worked! I thought it hadn’t. Sorry for all the comments saying it hadn’t. Good for you. I know it wasn’t easy setting this up. Happy Birthday of RDP Saturday.


    1. No worries. Maybe it takes a minute or two to update. Other people also thought it didn’t show and then found it did after a minute or so. I had the same problem too.


        1. Same thing happened to me. I thought it didn’t accept and tried again twice it ended up with an extra link which I removed. The first time didn’t show the image choice pop-up so that might be why that one didn’t work for me. A bit of a learning curve here. If people have pop-ups turned off, I wonder if it doesn’t work at all then or if they just input the link. Might be better just to do the text link grid — no images — might be easier for folks. I like the thumbnails though. I’m thinking of trying just the text link one next time and then asking people to vote on which they like better or if they just want the pingback/paste-into-comments system(easiest).


          1. No do the photos. There is a much easier linkup. Look at dVerse poets and i’ll send two others I do that have an easier Mr Linky linkup. Perhaps you could ask them how they did it.


            1. Yeah, that’s the text linkup. I am trying that one on Tummy Tuesday on my Cactus Catz blog. It seems to be going much smoother for folks. I think adding the thumbnail is an extra step that makes it a little harder for folks and adds a little extra time so they can’t see if it’s in or not right away. I’ll do just the text one next week.


    1. You’re right it did. Not sure why. I went to your site and copied the url from your Insight post and corrected the link in the master control. The master control let’s the owner delete links (in case you get a spammer) or edit (if someone mistypes their link). I hope that works for you.


    1. It’s working but people have to choose an image or the link doesn’t show — so from the master control, I can see you added 3 entries. The first two entries are invisible and were links of the Lucy 5/25/18 post — since the url was copied from the wordpress feed, it goes to the wordpress reader and shows the post rather than going directly to your site to show the post — maybe the image selector option did not come up? it could be because the url is from the reader and so there is too many images in the reader. This is the first link you put up.
      the same post directly would be
      I can correct it from the master control if you like. The master control let’s you delete links (if you get a spammer) or edit (if someone mistypes their link)


      1. I think my third entry worked, linking to today’s post. I kept trying to correct it, and didn’t realize some of the click errors. If you want to delete the first two, that would be great. Thanks!


        1. Yay!
          (I removed the earlier links per your request — they weren’t showing anyways as there was no image chosen. This seems more work than I expected. There is a small learning curve for people putting in links. If a person doesn’t pick a pic, the link doesn’t show. If the link is to a big site like WordPress.com Reader, then the image option doesn’t seem to pop up. If the person answered a comment and then copy their url, the link won’t work because it has the extra comment characters at the end of the url. A typo or an extra character can lead to a bad link. These issues can be corrected in the master controls but it’s definitely not an automatic thing like pingbacks.

          The nice thing, though, is the picture grid, automatically resizing the image, and the images are not stored in your own media library. Mister LInkys has a simpler version where there is no thumbnail, just text links that I tried on another post. People seem to have an easier time with just text links. A lot less issues. Just doing Pingbacks are a lot easier but it cuts out nonWordpress blogs. Or we can enable comments to allow links which I have because I moderate everything. Moderating slows things down though until the moderator shows up. Maybe I’ll try just the links next week and then let people vote on which they prefer.)


    1. I connect my wordpress blog through Jetpack since I do my blogs on a web hosting provider (GoDaddy). That allows me to add the free widgets and unlimited images/files. I’ve noticed some people with blogs on WP.com have to start new blogs when they’ve used up all their image space.

      Unfortunately Jetpack seems to glitch every once in a while and for an hour or so, I don’t seem to be connected to WordPress Community — what it looks like to me is sometimes Jetpack defaults my site to https: rather than http: . It has to be http: The link to WP won’t work unless they do http://cactuscatz.com. The https means you have a security certificate and goes through an encryption service. Security certificates are expensive — like $100 a pop and I have several blogs. There are free certificates but my web hosting company doesn’t use them so I am looking for a new web hosting company. I don’t mind the moving — it’s just exporting and importing and WP has tools for that. All the comments export. What makes me sad though is none of the likes export so I will lose all my likes when I move. But Google is pressuring people into https so I do need to move or I won’t show up on Google.


    1. I corrected it in the master control (it allows editing of urls — I’ve noticed I had to correct urls before because people posted the url from the reader or a comment and that won’t work for some reason). There was an extra character after the “inward/” so that was causing the problem. After I corrected it (removed the extra character), your link showed. I think you were trying to fix it at the same time. I saw you re-entered the link and had corrected it yourself too. You are now #7 and #9 showing. Do you want me to remove one of them? I’m ok with leaving both up if you want me to.


  2. Unfortunately, a posting on intuition somehow ended up on the insight posting page. Here is the piece that should be there: ttps://judydykstrabrown.com/2018/06/09/our-own-little-universes-pains-rips-stars-itineraries-and-insights-2/


    1. You posted 2 posts before: the one you made a mistake “intuition” but with your portrait and a second one on “insight” with a green leaf photo. So I’ve deleted the “intuition” link with your portrait and then added this 3rd post link which is second one on insight and put your portrait on the 3rd post link. I’ve left the 2nd link up with the green leaf that was your first insight post.

      (Noted later: Also put this reply on your 2nd insight post/3rd link on your site in case you miss it here.)


      1. You are right on top of it to find these glitches. Don’t know what happened. I had thought I’d made another “insight” post but couldn’t find it and it didn’t show up on Mr. Linky. Which, I fear, doesn’t work for me even though I use it on two other blogs. It made me sign in to it, which I’ve never had to do, but still wouldn’t let me enter any new information. It had an URL from another poem I’d entered (not to this prompt) and wouldn’t let me enter a new one. I tried three times, then just entered it in “comments.” This must being taking up so much or your time. Do you even have time to do your own posts? Hopefully, this too shall pass. I realize how hard this was to coordinate and I know everyone appreciates it..even if some of us can’t get it right, we are trying. (That is speculation on my part that some others may be having problems, not the royal “We.”) Okay, on to the next prompt. If I don’t show up in Mr. Linky, I’m still having problems. Judy


        1. Oh, that’s because it’s closed on Mr. Linky here because the week is up. The Ragtag prompts have moved to the Ragtag Community blogsite https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/
          That way all the prompts are in one place so people can follow one blog instead of 7. Also it’s pingbacks, not Mr. Linkys on that blog.

          With Mr. Linkys you can close the link list by setting a designated period. You can also close it by clicking a link. As my new prompt posted on Saturday, I closed the old one.

          I am still experimenting with Linking systems though. My CactusCatz has it on Tummy Tuesdays (any post about food be it image or writing, links accepted for one week) but last week I did just a link one. This week I will test the image one there if you want to give it a whirl.

          On the Ragtag Community, they’ve gone for just a pingback format which is easier for folks. I find that the Blogspot folks have less problems with the Mr. Linkys because that community uses it and Inlinkys more for blog hops. WordPress people tend to run into more problems but I think it’s because there is a learning curve and it’s used less in the WordPress community due to the ease of pingbacks. A couple of the sites I do prompts for and Feline Friday are blogspot initiated so I learned to do use the linkys. It’s different though to be the “owner” of the linkys list — i find out all about the glitches. As a link “participant”, i didn’t have issues before so didn’t realize how many things could and will go wrong. Murphy’s Law operates here. I like them better than pingbacks though because in a grid it’s easier to click and visit other people’s sites so I think it encourages people to visit other blogs.

          btw, I also replied on your blog so if it doesn’t show, check the spam folder. Sometimes my long replies or replies with links in them go to spam on other people’s blogs.


  3. When I went to Mr.Linky to try to post it, it shows an URL from an earlier posting and won’t let me change it. Back to the drawing board. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


    1. You put it up twice, first time with the wrong one and second time with the right one. I deleted the wrong one just now. Sorry you brought it up before saying one was right and one was wrong. I meant to delete it but it slipped my mind. I apologize. Also corrected o the Ragtag Community page as I ported hte links to the new blog site.


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