FYI : new Ragtag Daily Prompt


Some of us are sad that the Daily Post has closed shop and we’ve really enjoyed the community of readers we’ve met through the Daily Prompts.  So we are going to try to keep Daily Prompts going through volunteers who have agreed to put up a prompt by 6am on their blog site; each one taking a day in the week.  Here’s the list if you’d like to join us.  It’s a word and you can write whatever you want and send a pingback.  It starts today today Friday at 6am at Curious Steph‘s

(note: as of 6/7/18, all prompts are now hosted on Ragtag Community, not individual blogs.  See you there!)

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Patty, Lovenlosses

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Curious Steph also said, “We will use ragtag daily prompt as a tag as well as including it in the title, so if you search by that tag”

See you at Steph’s!

(Gasps! tomorrow it’s me! I need a word, someone throw me a word quick! oh geez, not that word.  Are you trying to get me into trouble?)

15 thoughts on “FYI : new Ragtag Daily Prompt”

    1. that would be nice. They tried to close it once before and there was a big uproar so they ran it for some more months (6months? a year). Anyways I’m glad they did because that extra inning is when I found it. I’ve introduced other new people to it too. I don’t think they realize how great the community is — a lot of people read other people posts or look at their picture. I haven’t seen another place like it promptwise. Some people are petitioning them. I doubt they’ll change their minds but I can hope.


      1. The best prompts ive found are the ones that I have done my story upon how is Finding quite different and pretty inspiring and it does look like lots of people are starting to do prompts but I don’t think it will have the same community feel that it had before I guess I’m just struggling to understand why they’ve done what they’ve done. I get that some of the first Friday and community stuff ended up being dominated by just a few people and if you look every time first Friday comes up it was the same guy trying to push his blog or the same woman making the same comments and everybody else’s blog just to get them to follow her but there was also a really positive side of it and I once spent a couple of days reading every single post on every prompt that got published for those days and there was some really good stuff and I found some interesting new people to follow.


        1. First Friday required a lot of work — mostly telling people to remove the text widget, lol. I’d say throw First Friday overboard and keep the prompts and photochallenge. But maybe they saw it like a WP University and feel like the priority was the class — First Friday. Not realizing that we were all hanging out in the cafe and nobody wanted to graduate because we liked the prompts and challenges and sharing each other’s work. The pingbacks on the daily prompts got glitchy sometimes though so maybe they didn’t want to deal with the tech issues. Wow! I can’t say I ever read all the posts (unless it was in the first few hours after a prompt came out). I read a lot though. I’d pick a number and then click every 3rd or 4th one, whatever the number was. There was always an amazing variety. I think a lot of us were a tad addicted to them, so there is a huge ripple of withdrawals going on out there with fingers shaking on the keyboards.


    1. Lol, I’m Cactus Cat. We have two Cats! Happens to me in RL too — I’m in a writing group with three Mary’s, lol. I can’t wait to see your prompts.


        1. Good to have a dog person in the group too. What kind of dogs do you have?

          I don’t know if this will help.
          At the bottom of the page is some sites with random word generators. You can choose one, and just keep hitting the button until you see a word you liked. Another favorite is open a book or magazine and randomly point at a word. either that or a word will pop into your mind when you least expect it. It’ll be great.


  1. And we’re off! Looking forward to your prompt tomorrow. I can’t seem to find the “follow” option on your page.


    1. I had a problem figuring out a new follow because the widget I had (a very nice floating follow button) was not being kept up by the creator. So now I found a button (scripted by WP), an email subscription link and a blogloving button (widget). So I put all three in my right hand menu. You can choose which way works for you to subscribe. Sorry it. was hard.


    1. No worries, if you can, you can. If you can’t, that’s ok too. We are just trying to keep at least some of the community from the Daily Post prompts going because we met some cool people that way. For me it’s a way to say thank you because in the beginning all my readers came from the Daily Post. Later I discovered other communities.


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