senryu : broken (R rated for violence)


moments of anger
too often uncontrolled grows
broken love shatters

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I like to go on hunts in SL. In an SL hunt, creators put out things hidden in their place and you pop from place to place looking for them. If you find it, you get the item usually for free or for like a penny. Some hunts have hints, some don’t.

I found a murder table on a hunt and it had animations on it so I wanted to check it out and the photoshoot resulted from that. As I have bloody stuff (hair, clothes, skin tattoo) from previous Halloween hunts, this table meant a complete scene could be created.

The box came with two tables. So after we tried the murder version out, I replaced the table with the G version. My houseboat sits on land rated G (G for general just like the movies) so teens can come on the land. Since my houseboat is open (not set to private), I wanted the safe table for people who wandered through.

SL used to have seperate lands for real-life teens but not any more–they can go anywhere that is a G-rated land. I know teens watch some pretty violent movies/games but I cleaned up and left a safe houseboat anyways. I’m usually only on for an hour or so most weekdays so I want my place to a “nice” place to visit the other 23 hours when anyone might wander through.


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second life photograph by M. LaFreniere
avatars in scene: Winter Phoenix and Kayla Woodrunner

5 thoughts on “senryu : broken (R rated for violence)”

    1. yeah, a lot darker than I usually go. they’ve made blood-spattered dress and blood spatter tattoos so makes for a more realistic photoshoot. I’d like to find mudsplatter or grease splatter too but so far no go


    1. yeah, I was worried about you after I did it because I remembered your comment about smells. I couldn’t find an R-rated button though — Flickr lets you put ratings on an image each time you post like Safe (my default), Moderate or Adult. So I went back and changed the title about an hour after I posted it to give a warning. I choose a dark picture (I shot at different lighting settings so some were bright) so it would be hard to see when the pic is little because I don’t know if people get the image in the email if they follow.

      I know. I know. All these reservations so why did I do it? Mostly because I found the animated table and then realized I had the other elements (hair, clothes, blood skin tattoo) to make a successful photoshoot so it was on the fly. I replaced the animated table with a regular sit-and-eat table after we were done though. Lot of explanation to say why we did the photoshoot. Easy for me to do it since I’ve never experienced anything like that in real life so it’s not real to me. I want a better warning system though. I almost never do a pic like this so I don’t have a system in place. For you, though, I’m sorry to remind you of the bad things you saw in your past career.


  1. Hi, I’d like to send you the header/featured image to use when you post the new daily prompts. I know how to do that through email, so if you could email me at s…com, I’ll get it to you. Thanks for being a willing prompt generator!


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