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senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Ben Huberman wrote a good-bye post because they are closing Daily Post on the 31st.  They will leave up the previous posts but the prompts and challenges will stop.

In the comments of his good-bye post, I wrote this (sorry no paragraph seperations because I wasn’t sure if the comments would allow it — and anyways I wrote it in a stream):

—- begin comment paste

“I started a blogging meetup about six months ago. Almost everyone had started their blogs long time well before then but stuttered to a stop because no one visited their blogs. I introduced them to Daily Post and suddenly people got their first likes/comments. It is an incredible positive reinforcement. Several of them decided to start a second blog and a few bought a blog plan instead of the freebie — all because they got positive reinforcement and it made them realize they had another hobby they wanted to blog about too. I get you’re quitting the DP even thought it helps to grow your business becuase you want to do something else now. However, I think you all should put this same theme up for free where pingbacks show on a grid on one page so that a community around daily prompts can be created somewhere else. People need that positive reinforcement or 80% of blogs stutters and dies. They need that sense of community. You don’t know how excited people were to get their first like on a blog that was more than two years old. I found a linky system but th blocks don’t show on the main page unless you have a blogspot site. Having all the pingbacks set out in a grid on the page like that made it really easy to click on them. I would click 10-20 at a time; on occasions even more than 100 (for the photo challenge). When you have to scroll down to view pingbacks in the regular one-line comment paradigm, I click at most 10 because I have to parse through the extra lines and if the group gets big enough, the pingbacks roll over to another page. I never go to the next page and I am betting most don’t make that jump so those pingbacks on the next page lose out on readership. Having that grid theme with pingbacks on one page in a grid available for free will fix the problem because we can try to start a prompt community for new and regular bloggers somewhere else. We’ll be spread out for awhile but eventually one or two prompt spots will become popular enough that people will learn how to find them. There are daily word prompt sites but they don’t have the community — the grid made creating a community much easier because it encouraged people to read other posts and like/comment them. I get you’re quitting but please give us the theme to do one-page pingback grids so our communities can continue without you.”

— end comment paste

I’d like to see that pingback grid theme be made available so we can create a new daily post prompts spot together.  Curious Steph is collecting names of people willing to host a prompt day — we’d be jumping from blog to blog on different days. I’ve volunteered for a day.  Still I think the grid pingback theme would help the community to continue on different blogs because it’s a lot easier to look at different pingbacks — I notice I click more pingbacks on that grid than I do on the a scroll down a comments list of pingbacks.

I hope some of you will comment on Ben Huberman’s good-bye either to ask them not to quit (apparently they tried to quit a couple years ago and the response was so vehement they continued for a couple more years) or to ask them to give the pingback grid theme for free so we can continue the prompts on other blogs.

I will miss the Daily Post.  I met most of you the first time over there either on the daily words or on the weekly photo challenge.  I am really sad they are ending it.  More than anything your comments and likes have encouraged me to keep writing and I’d like newish bloggers to have that.  I would not have started writing daily without you all encouraging me.

I started a blogging meetup months ago and most the people had blogs from months to more than two years but no likes/comments.  I suggested Daily Post and within two weeks everyone had a like and/or a comment.  It encourages people no end to get that.   Suddenly you’re no longer writing into a void.  I feel like I’m part of a community now but I’d like an easy community to find for newish bloggers too so I can point — “go there!  You can share there and people will like you!”

Anyways that’s my two cents.  Love you all and thank you!  Really, you all are awesome. I get you all are thinking that compliment was overblown but it’s how I feel.  I am glad I met you all–I have made it a point to read/view everyone’s blog who liked or commented me so I do feel like i’ve met you a little.  That’s why I also know most of you had daily post posts and that’s how a lot of us have met.

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  1. Or maybe they could do theme pages with the ‘word of the day’ taken from a list of suggestions from the users of that page … so many options, but we do need a ‘key’ point to meet.


    1. We can hope. Some folks have volunteered to take a date to give a prompt including me so it looks like it will at least get off the ground, crossing fingers.

      For Tummy Tuesday, I tried mr. Linkys but mine was the little pic which you click and then it bumps you to another page to add your link. But yours is a link grid on the page — which one is that or how do you do that? I know it’s a script but when I’m picking one, I’m not sure which linkys thing to choose. HOpe that makes sense. I’d like to do it more like yours — a grid style.


  2. The Daily Post was the easiest way to find interesting blogs and make WordPress seem more like a community. There are plenty of books and Twitter sites that have prompts, as well…if all else fails.


    1. It’s the community aspect I’m worried about losing. For newbies, that first like or comment is powerful and the Daily Post was a safe place to join in (and encourage others to join in) with a high percentage of getting at least one reader especially if you read/like/comment a few posts too. Since then I have found other prompt site for poetry/fiction/photography but nothing like daily and anything goes whether poetry or nonfiction or anything. And I like their grid system — so much easier just to click to read a post and kinda seeing a pic was cool. I’ve seen soemthing similar but it’s not a pingback, people have to paste their url in and then the pic and link appears — but it costs monthly. I’m debating paying the monthly fee.


  3. I’ve been blogging for years but never used the WP daily prompts. I have my own list of favorite prompt sites. And am reluctant – and time limited to do more.

    I wish you success in what you are trying to accomplish.


    1. I have a bunch of favorites too for poetry (DVerse Pub, Carpe Haiku Kai, Imaginary Pond with Real Toads, MindLoveMisery’s Menagiere–most often). And a couple for photography (Cee’s, Dutch Goes the Photo, and Tourmaline’s One Word) but only one for a daily Putting Your Feet in the Dirt. I have a list of fiction ones but I don’t really right fiction that often so don’t use it. I made a list of the writing and photography prompts here
      I think I need to update the list now — maybe split the photography off and look for more daily prompt places. However I found all of them from the Daily Post because once I started reading posts from people on the Post, some of them referred to other sites and I followed them back to those sites. The writing poetry prompt places have an active community of likers/commenters but for the photography and daily prompt places, usually the only person who visits is the organizer. I did a test once and liked about 20 under the photo prompt place and about 20 under DP weekly challenge — I got 3x more likes from DP folks. Which is why I introduced people to DP once I started the blogging meetup — that positive reinforcement is important and most people do nonfiction. DP was good for fiction, poetry and nonfiction. I haven’t found a good nonfiction place yet although I have found blog hops are good for pics and humor: Wordless Wednesdays, Awww Mondays, etc. I want to find a place not just for the prompt but for the active community — I know a few people who just started getting likes and they were so excited. Last week 2 new people joined the group but didn’t do a post on Thursday. Now it’s going to be too late to do a DP post and they are both nonfiction. If we get the Curious Steph one off the ground, I am hoping that will work for new people.


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