Tanka : Dance to the Dawn


morning happiness
nature’s dance to early dawn
smoke signals danger
tiny window of warning
assumptions of safety flies

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

100% Kona Coffee Organic Art of Tea


Week 98 – Happiness & Nature
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Day 23. Window of warning
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6 thoughts on “Tanka : Dance to the Dawn”

  1. Love your image and Tanka poem. Where do you get all these beautiful images from, they fit in so nicely with the words. Thanks, have a great day writing.


    1. Thank you, very happy that you enjoyed the tanka and the picture.

      Second Life is a virtual world (as opposed to a virtual game which is created by a team hired by a company) where people can do anything they want. Tens of thousands of people manufacture things like clothes, hair, furniture, buildings, landscaping items to sell or give away. Other people buy or get the stuff and landscape or interior decorate an area that they rent or own. Where I am, someone bought that land and landscaped it with trees and things created by a lot of other people — they probably bought the stuff. Bought stuff is usually nicer than giveaways. People also sell/make gestures, poses and animations. I bought the ballerina pose, dress, body, head and hair. A friend gave me the wings. I think I paid a dime for the hair and dress. A good body and head is more like $10 or more. I know people who invest a bit in their body and head.

      So I like to take pictures in second life — you have control of the lighting, and can choose how much of a wide angle or close-up lens you want. So with my real life photo skills, I find cool places, put on clothes/hair and select a pose/animation to take a photograph. It took awhile to take a good photo here. If you check Second Life photos on flickr, a lot of them are like snapshots — people standing in the middle shot in broad daylight with a 55 lens. However some people take awesome photos. I don’t take awesome photos but I rank myself among the good photos (mostly because I don’t show my boring photos, lol. It’s like real life in some ways — sometimes it takes a few photos to find an angle you like, or a lighting you like. Like this one, I took 15 shots and this is the one I liked — unfortunately the one with the unicorn in the scene too didn’t look great). What is massively different from real life (other than it’s all virtual) is the lighting — you can change time of day and the type of sunlight — ie, a green sun/light source looks very different from a golden one. I used to create an image every weekend but not so much any more because I spend most of my time blogging but turns out it’s coming in handy for poetry. That’s the thing with poetry — nothing you do or have done is wasted. You can use it all.


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