Tanka : what spell is this


one part bottled bliss
add an ounce or two of Spring
stir in bubbling heat
set aside complications
sprinkle laughter and a wink

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Ok, just for fun.  What do you think this spell is for?



Bottled bliss
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18 thoughts on “Tanka : what spell is this”

    1. hmmm, I was leaning that way towards romance but I like what people are guessing so who knows? maybe I will change my mind, lol.


    1. I am loving the guessing — not the least because people have ideas that would not occur to me so it’s a lot of fun. I only just heard about the wedding today. I went to my niece’s wedding yesterday so I think it’s a lovely time for a wedding.


    1. Love the perfume and champagne guesses and I can totally see it. I love that everyone sees something different in the spell.


    1. That’s a cool guess. I can totally see the feeling of Spring heating up into Summer. i love that the guesses are so varied. I think readers are as creative intrepeting as writers are in penning.


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