4 thoughts on “Senryu : rapid ragabash”

    1. Isn’t a great word to describe what some might say instead as “bums”. Ragabash just seems to have more rhythm even if it is out of date.

      Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Another definition of randan: 1 : a boat propelled by three rowers of whom the middle rower pulls two short oars while bow and stroke pull one oar each. 2 : the style used to row a randan. I looked them up before seeing your definitions.

    I think a night could be randan by the rowing definition too. In the sense of maybe not having an equal direction of where one is heading into dark alleys. Maybe a weaving drunkard?

    Fun “read”.


    1. didn’t know that about rowers — i thought rowers always pulled with two oars each so I’m surprised there is a style that does one-oar rowing.

      I like the image of a weaving drunkard. for a word I’ve never heard before, it does seem to have a lot of meanings.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the poem


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