Tanka : mentor


i want a mentor
someone to say go this way
I’d walk their road
turns … Look! …a new path beckons …
wanders away from the group …

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

12 thoughts on “Tanka : mentor”

    1. Yep, and then we are on our own or we end up stalled. For me, curiousity killed the cat … but satisfaction brought him back. The frustrations of learning something new or getting lost without someone to smooth the bumps is outweighed by the satisfaction when I get there.


        1. I remember getting lost so often getting to a friend’s house that I got to know the backways really well. We were driving back from an out-of-town visit and I took a backway because it was faster. She was floored. “How do you know this way? I don’t even know this way.” I just laughed and said “Well, I got lost a lot before I learned my way to your house.” So getting lost can have some advantages eventually.


          1. I tend to not mind taking a longer route – if it is roads that I know. It has only taken me over 25 years to become happy with the road where I am at!


            1. lol, I understand that feeling completely. And actually they say it helps to prevent alheimers if you don’t always take the same way home. Always doing things by rote isn’t good for your brain apparently.


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