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I don’t want a 9-to-5 job. I have many skills but shrink at marketing myself — feels pushy — problematic in freelancing.  So I’m trying Zazzle. I design, get 5-15% percent ; they manufacture, ship. Someone said once they had 600 designs up, they sold regularly.  That’s a lot.

income is needed
searching for a newish life
creating designs

haibun by M. Nakazato LaFreniere


Chèvrefeuille’s challenge create a haibun on “New Life” with a 55-word paragraph or less and a haiku.  The 55 count includes the haiku.  I did my lifetype senryu like I do as my haibun.  It was very hard cutting it down to 55 words — I had to keep cutting and slicing.  Concise I am not when it comes to paragraphs.  In the end I cut more than half but kept about 90% of the meaning which is good.

In Haiku, a poem about nature reveals a truth about life.  Senryu is a bit more direct — although it often uses sarcasm or irony — it’s essence is about human life.  I’ve never really seen senryu paired with a haibun as haibun’s tend to be more of a dreamy poetic paragraph about a moment in a place.  So mine is too direct to be anything like a traditional haibun.  I’ve been thinking of a project though of doing a haibun everyday with a senryu to describe life in the now — a bit like Salad Anniversary which did that in tanka/senryu but less relationship-based.  I like the idea of a word-count restriction because it forces you to hone things down.  Anyways something that I am thinking of.

#1405 New Life (“extreme” haibun)

Cactus Dreams prototypes
these are my prototype designs.  I don’t consider them finalized until I see the product in case it doesn’t come up to expectations.  As I don’t get a prototype, I have to buy one so I make things that are on sale.  Problem is they can take more than 2 weeks to arrive. It’s actually a “secret” page that doesn’t show in the menu because I am using the page to get feedback from friends on different things I make.  I haven’t made a shop page yet — but I did buy for $11.99.  I plan to make a Cactus Dream blog for the shop. Hmmm, I wonder if I am addicted to making blogs.  Is there an AA for this?

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  1. Smiles, all the best with your new venture, I made one may years ago, but it wasn’t easy to sell living in New Zealand so I gave up. Have a nice weekend.


    1. Yeah, with a 9-5, the hard part is getting the job. Usually you can keep the job as long as you do the work. I think with freelancing it’s a lot harder and sometimes it takes a while for your effort to produce income — but they say it gets easier later because at some point it becomes self-sustaining — one can only hope. I think with the way some of these companies have gone international, it might make it easier. Like I am trying Zazzle. I checked and they have Zazzle in Australia, England and other countries. In the US, Zazzle takes 85% of the profit or more so it’s more like I just get a 15% commission — I imagine if I sold in other countries, I’d get even less.

      What were you selling if I may ask?


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