Senryu : headache


ode to a headache
poor thing, never gets it’s own song
we all hope it goes

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

just a silly image in my head of a headache as one of those boring visitors who want to stay while you give it tea and cookies and hope it leaves.

12 thoughts on “Senryu : headache”

  1. Hey Mary, I’m such a slacker, not! I stopped the OT a couple weeks ago, made so many errors at work due to the stress! And such, been working on my longer novel. But today I showed up at the Eckstrom library on 22nd like a fool! Nice library, but I guess you guys are no longer meeting here!?


    1. Yes, we met at the Columbus Eckstrom Library on 22nd and Columbus. I was in room 2 with Jennifer from 2pm to 4pm today on Thursday, April 5th. I’m sorry if you didn’t see me. I wasn’t watching through the glass as I tend to get caught up when I’m talking with someone — sorry if you were looking in. I’m sorry if I didn’t see you. It would have been great to see you.


    2. Very cool that you’re working on your novel. Sorry about the stress. See you this coming Thursday if you have time, we are in room 2 at the Eckstrom library 2-4pm.


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