Senryu : the Lasso of Truth


the Lasso of Truth
do I really want to know
do you love me still?

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

The Lasso of Truth is pretty cool but do you really want to have it?  It would topple governments. I’d imagine the secret service in just about every country, not to mention all the major crime organizations would be out to assassinate you.  Also it’s a form of mental coercion and you wouldn’t want to use it on your loved ones, now would you?  It’s a temptation, that’s what it is.  Think of the Apple of Discord — who is the most beautiful of all?

That was just one question.  There are a  lot of questions that can create discord.  “Do you like this cool shirt I made?”  “That shirt? It’s the most awful rag I’ve every seen!”  Do you really need to say that?  Keep the Lasso.  I’m okay with saying something encouraging … because one day as your skills increase, when you ask, it will really be the coolest shirt and I will like it.  Well, maybe.  I hope so anyways.  Somedays what you’re answering is what you hope to be true one day and you choose to encourage a person to keep learning, to keep growing, to have hope.  Even if it is a truly awful shirt today.  Because holding onto some truths can keep people stuck in one spot.  Let those truths go.  There are other truths out there that you can grow into.


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14 thoughts on “Senryu : the Lasso of Truth”

  1. …there are other truths out there you can grow into….
    “you choose to encourage a person to keep learning, to keep growing, to have hope.”
    Very interesting response to the prompt. Perhaps these types of answers may be differentiated from “little white lies” which is terminology I grew up with. Perhaps the real talent is learning how to respond with absolute truth if it is not kindness, or with alternate words that include kindness. That is opposed to “alternate facts.” Ah, you’ve got me thinking now….


    1. I hadn’t heard of it. I like science-fiction although generally don’t read many dystopian novels — more into space travel and exploratons usually. Is Kallocain a good read? did you enjoy it?


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