Senryu : messy


messy livingroom
putting together big shelves
books’, crafts’, frames’ new home

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I have a thing for books.  I don’t need any more but sometimes when I see one at a bookstore or thrift store, I can’t resist.  Besides now with ebooks, they are becoming an endangered species.

Problem is I don’t have as much shelf space as I did in Oakland as I had left a couple 6 foot bookshelves behind when I moved.  So time to put one together.  I found a nice one at Ikea a while ago.  Considering how heavy each outside wall is, I thought I should put it together near where I will stand it.  I finally moved the shelves into the livingroom to get started…. (ok, I have a procrastination problem — now if only Daily Post would do the prompt “finished”, ha!)

So here we are.  Sighs.  I think I lost a bag of screws that came with it (one of two?) but I’ll get started and then see if Home Depot has same size ones so I can finish.  If I don’t start, I will never finish.  So I checked out a movie from the library and will set that on while I work.

Oh that box of wine?  I won that at the casino about a year ago — 6 bottles of various wines.  I don’t drink much so still have 4 bottles left after a year.  I just opened one this week to go with some pasta.  It is a pretty good Dunnigan Hills Syrah.


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6 thoughts on “Senryu : messy”

  1. You and I are the same about books. We have two large bookcases that are more than full. I could probably have a bookcase on just about every wall and still have them full. Nothing like the smell of a good book.

    Oh and I have a glass of wine with you.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥


    1. I agree with you — I love the good book aroma. I am really surprised they haven’t managed to bottle that! And library walls at home sound awesome.

      Lifts my glass up, yep, I’ll share! Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  2. Who can resist a good deal on a book? I love thrift stores for that reason. I keep a few, exchange a few with friends, and return some back to the thrift store. And yes, I have a problem with procrastination too.It’s good to know that I am not the only one.


    1. lol, I do think there are a lot of us procrastinators out there. We could all march for our rights … eh, we will march tomorrow…. or maybe the day after. Laughing. I do love books too & thrift stores. Rebel Girl told me about BookCrossing which sounds cool — you release a book into the wild (ie put it on the website that you have put it out somewhere for anyone to pick up) and you can watch where the book as it goes from person to person. Sounds pretty cool and apparently Tucson has a few drop off points. I’m thinking of trying it.


  3. Okay, well…I would have a glass of wine with both of you…BUT, it’s 6 am!! A tad early. lol


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