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memories fading
photos – mnemonic allies
panic! lost my phone!

senryu/photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Thank you to Jorel and John’s puppy for being so cute!

My sister needed any photos I had of her children when they were kids.  She’d lost all hers when she lost her phone.  I packed up what I could find that she had sent to mom over the years.  It wasn’t that many.  I can’t imagine losing those.

I remember when all photos were hard copies, drawers overflowing with them as we had to get all the photos developed on a roll of negative to even see what we had.  Then the best ones or our favorite ones would be tucked away into photo albums to be shared on occasion or framed to hang on walls or out on the mantelpiece (well, okay, out on the entertainment center usually for those of us without a fireplace).

Now our photo albums are phones, facebook, flickr, snap and other online venues.   I’m old-fashioned though.  I still like the hard copies.

p.s. photo for the poem was not taken with my phone. I had my camera with me at a family gathering at my brother’s house.  Jorel is not my sister’s kid — I sent all her kid pics to her so don’t have any.  After I sent my sister the images, I realized I should have scanned the photos of my nephews and nieces because now I don’t have any — doh!



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senryu & photo by © 2018 M. Nakazato LaFreniere, all rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Senryu : phone photos”

  1. That’s too bad she lost all the pics. Nothing backed up in “the cloud?” Our pics are 3or4 different places, as they magically float in the cloud.


    1. She said she lost everything. I was a bit surprised too. It does remind me tho that I do need to start moving some of my pics up to google drive or something. Right now everything I’ve scanned or have taken digitally (camera and phone) is only on my hard drive. It’s going to be a lot of work, sighs.


    1. I find I remember the ones I’ve printed — especially if I’ve printed them myself back in the days when I had a darkroom. I hadn’t heard of a remote HD. I am going to upload to google but the problem with (free) clouds is what if they change their policy or get hacked. I guess that’s why people say do redundancy — copy to several places — lot of work.


        1. I do love dark rooms — the rising of a print — don’t miss the chemicals though. Although these days, some people know how to filter the dark room chemicals to recapture the silver. I have this image of a ring made from the silver nitrates and someone taking a black and white picture of the ring to develop in the dark room so things go full circle. Recycling is cool.


    1. So true! I will say that’s what I like about blogs — at least I have a small version I can come back to. I should do more photo posts like you guys.


  2. I once lost everything when my computer died…after that one hard lesson, you learn to back things up in many places. But of course you first have to remember to download the photos…that’s a tough one. (K)


    1. It is hard to remember to do multiples. I lost all my songs on my hard drive — I had downloaded tons from Napster — even found some ones from Japanese cartoons from when I was a kid and my dad was stationed in Japan. Lesson I learned was — hold lightly so that if you lose something it doesn’t drive you nuts, lol.


  3. Adorable shot. I have backups of backups of backups I so fear losing my photos. I do miss the days of dropping off a roll of film and patiently waiting for the results. And I am finally printing again. I recently purchased a Fuji Instax printer to give photos as gifts to the people I meet on my travels.


    1. What a lovely idea! to give photos as gifts along the way.

      Thank you on the adorable shot but it was the kid and the puppy. They were so happy to make friends with each other.


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