Senryu : insomnia


sleep deprivation
a night without dreams ; eyes closed
revenant’s body

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

been having a problem getting to sleep lately so ….


Sunday Writing Prompt #239 “It’s All in the Title”
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Choose 1 or more titles — I always have fun with this list

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13 thoughts on “Senryu : insomnia”

    1. I haven’t tried meditation but read that it has the same brainwaves as light sleep. I have found reading a novel in bed makes me feel like I got a little nap sometimes. Maybe it does the same thing?


    1. Oh, another insomniac writer! I think insomnia may be the writer’s curse … or blessing? It’s quiet when everyone else is sleeping so words are free to tumble out. The hard part is the body’s revenge.


    1. I understand that feeling. I can understand waking up tired. Although I don’t remember my dreams which I think is too bed for all that effort — they might make good poems. Do you remember yours?


      1. Sometimes I do and sometimes they do make good poems or good scenarios for stories. Last night I dreamnt about a hamster gym and there were all these little hamsters running on treadmills haha


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