Senryu : entertain


stage crumbles, decayed
frayed curtains, once entertained
unrestrained I dance

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Marian put up an interesting challenge at Real Toads.  She suggested creating a poem of any length with a chained rhyme.  The last word of each line must rhyme with the first word of the next line.  Doing senryu is only three lines but it was still a challenge.

my first poem started as

stage crumbles, decayed
once it entertained masses —
I dance in the rain

Thank goodness for the RyhmeZone — I inputted “decayed” and they ouputted a lot of choices.   I was under another constraint.  I wanted to use “entertain” for the daily prompt at the Daily Post so that had to go into my second line.  I like “frayed curtains” but not so sure of “once entertained”.  I would prefer “frayed curtains entertain rain” or “frayed curtain, last entertainment” but I love the last line “unrestrained I dance” so…. we need to end with “entertained”.  I cannot imagine doing this for a long poem.  It’s fun though.

dancing in a fountain, a gyazo animated gif, looped

On another front, in Second Life, I have been doing little mini gifs captured with for a few minutes but wanted to try “filming” something a little longer.  I gave it a shot today with a free program called Bandicam. Paid version is no logo and unlimited time. Freebie is logo and limited to 10 minutes.  Pretty easy to use but I want to try a couple programs before I commit to one.

Someday I will make a cute video edited correctly with music or words but for now this is my fledgling raw effort.  I slowed down the camera in Second Life so it wouldn’t be so jerky but still don’t have good control.  Within a couple minutes of the beginning, I ended up viewing blackness under the floor, lol.  Ah well. I did find out if I hit the escape key, the camera goes back to me so I did that a couple times when I was stuck in the wrong place.

Bandicam freebie let’s you film up to 10 minutes so I did. I ran out in the middle of zooming in on the butterfly. It’s too long as I can’t cut.  I need an editing program. Lots of mistakes but I like the ballet animation I got from Abranimations.  Trust me, my first efforts were a lot worse!


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9 thoughts on “Senryu : entertain”

  1. Really interesting! I really like the sound of the rain in the video. The dancer looks pretty graceful. can you pick out other dance styles too? Like hip hop or African?


    1. Yes, you can. You can buy or get free dance animations for just about any dance you can think of. The free dance animations are usually not very good. But some people sell some really good animations that you can buy. I bought that ballet animation for 150L. Linden$ is the inworld money. 150L is about 60 cents in US money. Some dance animation creators sell theirs for are 2500L which is $10US. The dance animation I got was one (#9) in a set. It loops so I keep dancing until I stop it but if I wanted I can go back and buy a few more from the same set and string them together to make a longer dance with more variety in moves. People who go to SL dance clubs or make dance videos will usually buy a few good animations and then use them wherever. There are other animations of course like playing instruments or doing martial arts. I think it’s cool that my avatar can play a harpischord complete with renaissance music.


  2. You have been busy…I enjoy reading about new things you find and try… I seem to keep repeating the same old thing as far as blogging is concerned.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them. I like what you do on 25more. If you have another blog, I don’t think I’ve visited it. Honestly i think it’s better to do the same kind of thing on a blog consistently because people know what they are getting. I kinda cheat — I have a haiku or senryu at the top and then sometimes I just keep on writing about whatever — sometimes fiction, sometimes nonfiction, sometimes my life (or my virtual life), sometimes based on articles/books. I probably lose some people that way : the lotsa text reader gets scared away by the short poem posts and the little bit of text readers get scared away by the long posts. But I’m happy and that should count for something. And little by little I’m getting people that like the eclectic nature of my beast. Like you! It’s awesome and I feel lucky.


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