Senryu : Bite


don’t stay home, she said
he’s cute, go out for a bite
should have known better

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Part two of the Papua New Guinea story is upcoming but when I saw this prompt “bite” I could not resist especially since I had the perfect photo for it.  Plus Mindlovemisery  challenge said you can use your own art or photo.  Second Life is a bit between the two.  Although I do love the pic they gave for the challenge if you wished — a huge stone hand reaching out of the sea  — it’s awesome.  On top of that, Real Toads gives a selection of November themes to write too: one of which is zombies!

I also enjoy writing for DVerse Pub, Haiku Hub and Poetry in Form.  Ok, I admit.  I love these writing challenges.  So much fun.  Often they throw me in a direction I don’t think of going.  I was in a mental rut before I started haiku.  But having to write one a day, I’m reading science, new discoveries, history, folktales, or writing quick stories.  And reading/seeing different blogs, creativity, quotes, photographs and facts all come tumbling out. Nowadays, I learn or see something new just about everyday — I may not remember it but I do learn it for the day, lol.  Makes my brain feel all perky! Mind runs around all excited!  (Ok, time for my nap now  😉


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Photo Challenge #190
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

November Themes!
imaginary garden with real toads

Secondlife photo by M. LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner

8 thoughts on “Senryu : Bite”

    1. Thank you, shutterbug! Yes, I make the pictures in Second life which necessitates knowing a place to go (someone else decorated this place as urban disaster with zombies), finding the right pose, and deciding what your avatar will look like with hair, body, skin, face and clothes. I don’t make my own avatar stuff — not really a 3d person so I get them by scavenger hunts (for free), someone gives them to me or I buy them. And then taking the picture. And then with me, sometimes I take several pictures with different lighting setups and combine them with blend modes in Photoshop. So in some ways, it’s more like a movie shoot or a model location photoshoot because there are elements you have to put together before you can take the picture. Sometimes you get lucky and can take a great picture on the fly but I’m not one of those people. I’ve never been any good at street photography whether in “real life” or “second life” as I take too long to compose.


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