Daily Haiku / Senryu : Athletic


athletic daydreams
huffing steps on the treadmill
no awards for me

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

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(Note posted originally on my photo blog earlier: Sad about Las Vegas. Today I’ve been thinking about it like everybody else. The Constitution says we have the right to bear arms but it does not say we have the right to own guns or to bear automatic weapons for that matter.  Back in 1776, a musket had to be reloaded after each time it was fired.  Six-shooters were not invented.  Even Nock’s and Segallas’ pepperboxes didn’t happen until 1790 and didn’t become popular until 1800s.  They had several barrels which were hand-rotated. If nowadays people could only own a weapon that could only fire once before having to be reloaded like in 1776, people could exercise their right to bear arms but damage would be limited as loading takes time.  It would give people time to escape and law enforcement to arrive. And wild game hunters shouldn’t complain because then actually hitting something would take skill because you’d have one shot before everything ran out of the area.

Pepper-box, Wikipedia
Elisha Collier [inventor of flintlock revolver 1814], Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Daily Haiku / Senryu : Athletic”

  1. The award for being on your treadmill was that you were actually on it and using it. That’s what really matters. 🙂
    The gun thing hurts me. My dad and I hunted fowl with a shotgun. Not an automatic rifle. Those are made for killing humans. Strict background checks, better and more mental health resources, and no automatic weapons, as you mentioned, are the changes we need now. Such horror I am afraid we will see again without change.


    1. I agree with you. Although I’d like to add to a background check, a mental health exam. Maybe that’s too vague though as most mental health issues are nonviolent. Still too often states only check for a criminal past. How many times do neighbors and family say they thought the mass murderer was a nice, quiet, polite, normal person? It’s not that predictable. Best to limit the damage — no automatic or semi-automatic or fast loader. Look at Japan’s mass murderers. Most but not all guns are banned in Japan. PreWWII, their gun laws were more open. These days Japanese can have a shotgun as long as they pass shooting tests, a written exam and a mental health exam plus an annual gun inspection. No other gun types are allowed among civilians although you can own a rifle if you bought it before 1971; your family has to turn the rifle in after you die. In Japan, almost all their mass murderers after WWII have used knives. One group used Sarin gas but none used a gun to mass murder due to the difficulty to get a gun. How many people would have been hurt in Las Vegas if he had a knife or just one shotgun instead of 10-20 guns? The whole thing makes me sad.


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