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write out a new dream
look! I have a follower
tentative hope dawns

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

When you first start something that’s different from your family or friend’s lifepaths, it’s hard.  Unintentionally, they discourage you by either treating it as unimportant, ignoring it or encouraging you to quit and do something more familiar, more practical.

That first follower and like is special even when you don’t know who it is. They are saying through action, “hey, this is cool”.  Often it is the first validation that your work is welcomed out in the wide world.

I get the whole philosophy, “write for yourself, damn the rest!”  But I am no Emily Dickinson writing 1800 poems unread.  I think if she had lived in our times, she would have blogged her poems safe in the anonymity of her family home. In a blog, you can share, find your audience as you find your own voice.

Eventually family and friends often come to accept and even encourage your path as you collect an audience, it seems to reassure them. The rubber stamp of others’ approval sways them.

If you are lucky enough to have that one, two, or few friends and family who encourage you unconditionally from the beginning, count your blessings. Treat them as the treasure they are because there are not many of them. Most have to be won over and when your own confidence and voice is building, your energy should be in writing, not wasted trying to make people believe in the validity of your work. Having to defend yourself saps the energy needed for writing.

It’s better to reach out, go to meetups of other writers.  Find the people who understand instinctively what you are doing and who also you can encourage.  It’s important to keep things balanced.  If you are a helper-type person (and I am), don’t let yourself get lost in helping other people find their voice. Keep writing.

I find I am like Pavlov’s dog, happy with each like and follower.  I am enjoying reading other people’s blogs for the first time. My sister and her children recently has just started reading my blog and like it.  My brother is still ignoring it.  My friends mostly think I ought to get the practical things done first.  I put the writing first now; it’s the first thing I do when I wake up (umm, after I water the plants–it’s too hot not to). They don’t understand the haiku.  Honestly, I don’t either.  It just happened. But it’s a path I have to follow now, wherever it may lead.

Who knew I love writing haiku?  I guess you did because you’re following me.  Thank you!


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Photography by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, 2017

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6 thoughts on “Daily Post / Haiku : Tentative”

  1. I may be repeating myself, (no doubt that I am since I have a memory of a bug) but the first thing I do is look for CaCtus Haiku to start my day. I never know what the topic of the day will be, but what I do know is that I will laugh, learn and see beauty in the written words and the photographs.


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    1. me too! I’ve been blown away by some of the writing, poetry and photography. I had no idea there was such a treasure trove among blogs.
      I had heard the word blog before — who hasn’t. Watched the movie Julia/Julie. I kinda thought they were just people’s journals. It wasn’t until now that I actually explored them — mostly because the Daily Post gives me an easy way to find them. The breadth in writing from fiction to nonfiction is amazing. Journals is definitely a strong genre but there is a lot more besides.


      1. I’ve been reading maybe 50 a day for a week. One day I read every post on the daily post. I’ve found some stuff I’ve loved and whilst there’s stiff I don’t really care for its still great to see such heartfelt stuff .


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        1. 50! Wow, I’m impressed. I only do about 5-10 random from Daily Post and then at least one thing from whoever liked me that day. Luckily I only get about 5 likes a day so it’s not a long list. Well, not luckily — you know what I mean, lol. Carlos from territori del ‘900 (https://territoridel900.wordpress.com/) likes my haiku so I would read his posts except I can’t read Italian. I like looking at his pictures though. Makes me feel like I’m visiting Pisa for an instant.


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