Senryu : I’m late


poor little robo
lamb gazes curiously
Mary is no help

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

note:  “robo” is used intentionally, not “robot”.  “Robo” is the Japanese word for “robot”.

As my story is complete within itself, I thought I’d just chat a little on the making of the storyboard.  I wouldn’t even have added a poem but I have written one in Japanese form everyday so didn’t want to break my streak.

Cica Ghost makes a unique sim that is a changing art installation.  Everything in her installations are created by her which is unusual; most sims have things fabricated by a variety of people. This video pairs Falling by Julee Cruisee with an exploration of her Balloons installation.

I haven’t found a blog by Cica Ghost but she does have a Cica Ghost flickr stream if you’d like to see some of her other installations.  Not everything in her stream is from her sim as her avatar visits other places like Bryn Oh who also does fabulous art installations.

There is also a Cica group flickr stream where anyone who takes a pic at her installations can submit images.

When I had created my storyboard, I had recently gone to the JPK Airship Pirates Port Town (steampunk) which gave away the Big Daddy Bouncer avatar made by JPK (おへき (hekirekika.jinn)).

Not many sims give away an avatar but I’ve gotten a few cool ones that way — including one avatar with a lightbulb head, lol (I got that avatar from the Romy Nayar art installation at Metales. I am wandering around there in this pic). Back in May 2017,  I wandered around the Cica Ghost sim and viola! a story emerged.  Cica Ghost’s sim is different now because she changes it regularly.  Some awesome sims hang around forever like the bell picture of my last poem; ChouChou’s cathedral has been there since 2010 and still gets regular visitors. Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost pretty much changes seasonally so you have to take pics when they go up.


Tuesday Platform : Open
imaginary garden with real toads

Cica Ghost flickr stream

Cica group flickr stream

Balloons video by Jackson Redstar Videography


16 thoughts on “Senryu : I’m late”

  1. That is some awesome artwork by Cica in her flickr stream and what a beautiful Senriyu by you as well. I really like the idea of writing one daily, that is a very cool exercise. And I actually like the word Robo much better than Robot


    1. Thank you for reading! And I totally agree about Cica artwork. Glad you like the word “robo” too. I felt I had to explain the use as otherwise people would think it was a typo.


    1. yep, strangers asking their way to a party like everybody goes to the same parties when Mary is just out walking with her lamb and looking for grass (not that kind of grass! it’s for the lamb after all)


  2. I’ve just been introduced to the world of sims and things, via 13-year-old grand-daughter – just in time to have a clue what you mean, lol. The artwork is lovely, and I like the senryu’s sweet pathos too. And your back story is fascinating.


    1. Thank you, Rosemary for the lovely comments on the senryu, artwork, and backstory! Must be fun for your granddaughter. In a lot of ways, it’s a lot like playing Barbie with my avatar except that not only can I go from a blonde to a brunette in a twinkling, I can be a robot or a mermaid. Although I hope she does stick to safe areas as some adults there don’t watch their language or actions. Luckily it is easy to tp away. Most people are nice but it’s that 2% that area pain.


    1. I still have a pink rose showing but it’s starting to get cold so I expect that’s the last of them until March when it warms up again. I didn’t see much growing at Mary’s place, though — just virtual trees and a few patches of grass. Thank you for popping by!


    1. Yep, so far since August 7th, there has been at least one daily. I am shooting for a year. Thank you for the sweet comment on the backstory. I appreciate your popping by.


    1. It’s a world where people can be anything they want. Several of my second life friends are disabled people who are homebound in real life and Second Life allows them to socialize, use their minds and be creative instead of feeling stuck due to limited mobility. (health care is really different in England so it was interesting learning about that. Because my friend can no longer go upstairs, she applied to get an elevator put into her flat and was approved. I can’t imagine medicare doing that) I don’t have a lot of friends in SL so may not be a representative sample. For me Second Life is creative, artistic, educational and social. I had a museum here of Asian American art for a while. I saw an exhibition of modern day slave trafficking and human rights violations at a second life library. However, there are idiots and meanies here like anywhere else. I focus on what I like and teleport away from the what I don’t.


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